We have specifically one month and in the futureto travel before the foremostheatedly anticipated picture showof 2019 hits theaters round the world. We’re clearly talking concerning Avengers: Endgame, the star-studded film which will bring associate finish to thispart of the Marvel medium Universe. Marvel has made-up the thanks toassociate exciting partfour of the MCU, with new heroes like Captain Marvel leading the methodafter allwe tend to won’t gainpartfourtill Endgame premieres to bring U.S.associate action-packed and inevitably grievous conclusion to the current chapter of the Marvel story.
Disney and Marvel clearly do everything in their power to stopthe main pointsencompassing Avengers: Endgame from unseaworthy. Of course, they’re not invariablyeminent. In fact, a number ofthe most important spoilers we’ve seen to date have come back directly from Marvel itself. Take the second Endgame trailer, for instance1stof all, the trailer shows all of our favourite heroes strutting in new suits rather likecoil Pym’s in Ant-Man and also the Wasp, thereforewe all know they’ll be creating their thanks to the Quantum Realm. this can beclearlyplanning to play a giant role within thepicture show, since the Quantum Realm opens the door to endless potentialities. On prime of that, we tend tocurrentlygraspwhile not a doubt that Tony and Nebula area unitsaveddespite being lost in houseand shut to death within the1st trailer. howevercan we know? as a result of the Benatar they’re on is pictured once morewithin the second trailer, howeverthis pointspider and Hawkeye area unit on board. however would Nat and Clint notice themselves aboard the Benatar if it didn’t somehow create its method back to Earth?

Not all of the leaks we’ve seen have come back straight from Marvel and Walter Elias Disney, of course. Some supposed insiders are spilling beans here and there round theinternetmanyof these spoilers are firmed up due toconsequent leaks, like onceWalter Elias Disney showed shareholders a scene from Avengers: Endgame behind closed doors. Those leaks area unit nothing compared to new details which may have hit the online recently. In fact, the completepicture showmight needsimply been spoiled

by somebody with withininformationgratuitousto mentionhuge spoilers follow below therefore proceed with caution.
Now, it goes while notoral communicationthat almost all of the Avengers four leaks and fan theories we tend tosee out there area unitunproved a couple of things have so been confirmed, like those fashionable new Quantum Realm suits we tend to saw the Avengers rock at the top of the second Endgame trailer. That clearlysuggests that our heroes cantravel the Realm, and they’ll seeminglynotice gateways to parallel dimensions or they couldeven travel through time. with the exception of things we’ve seen confirmed within the trailers or by multiple toy leaks tho’, nothing is about in stone.

That brings U.S. to a post on Reddit from last week that was buried in a verylong thread packed packed withunproved rumors. Most of the claims in there area unit dubious at the besthowever there’s one thingconcerningthis explicit comment that has U.S.questioning if it’s the important deal. maybe it’s one or 2 similar descriptions it shares with another probablymassive leak from a distinctsupply that hit the onlineround the same time, therefore it’s unlikely that the 2 authors saw every other’s work.
In any case, here’s the unaltered text from the Reddit post that purportedly describes all 3 acts of Avengers: Endgame in bullet points:

Act 1,

  • Tony/Nebula make it back to earth
  • Marvel there, entire team heads to Thanos
  • He’s weakened, the team, especially b/c of Marvel, kill him. Gauntlet is broken and stones can’t undo the snap
  • They couldn’t protect the universe, so they avenged it.
  • Thanos meets Death (the girl everyone thinks was cast as Ant-Man’s daughter). He’s pleased with himself

Act 2 ,

  • A few years later, Ant-Man returns, explains Quantum stuff
  • Tony builds out Quantum suits, teams split off to recharge stones at various points in time
  • Rest of act is interaction between present/past selves/teams, powering stones
  • Thanos has been watching the entire time, now concerned they could undo his plan, begs Death to let him preserve his work

Act 3,

  • Thanos + outriders attack Avenger HQ to prevent new gauntlet from being used
  • Cap/Tony/Hulk ‘quantum’ away to Wakanda battle using new gauntlet, only to miss and end up on Xandar after Thanos battle there
  • Gauntlet isn’t strong enough to beat Thanos, big fight between those three until it’s Cap vs. Thanos
  • Cap is able to use the gauntlet one last time “Avengers Assemble” bringing EVERYONE to face him – that’s the huge fight scene
  • In real-time Thanos at Wakanda sees the stones weakening from his gauntlet because in this timeline he’s defeated
  • Thanos is killed at Wakanda (Cap sacrifices himself) and now the snap never happened so the events of the movie basically never happened
  • Dr Strange does some hand-wavey saying the loop is now closed for the 14 millionth time, and we won.
Source: BGR

Again, none of this can be confirmed the least bit. It mightmerely be some fan fiction. The author of the post even opens with a joke concerning the supply of his intel, tho’ he seems to be mocking several of the soonercommenters within the thread United Nations agency were posting blatantly pretend leaks. There’s simplyone thingconcerningthe main pointswithin the post that appearto own “Russos” written everywhere them. Plus, as we tend to mentioned before, this supposed informant describes Captain America’s tragic death terribly} manner that’s very the same asthe oppositeaforesaid leak that popped abreast ofa distinctwebsiteround the same time.
The Avengers four narrative delineatehigher thanwill surely be amusive and epic, however that doesn’t create it real. sadlywe tend to won’t graspsurelytill Avengers: Endgame finally premieres in theaters on Aprtwenty sixth


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